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Niels Wage is taking over as CEO of climate tech company Perpetual Next. He succeeds his predecessor and co-founder Martijn van Rheenen. The company announced this this week.
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Perpetual Next focuses on upgrading organic waste streams to sustainable use, to meet the growing demand for bioenergy, biofuels, bio-chemicals and materials. The company has several production facilities in Europe, including in England and the Netherlands, where food waste and agricultural residues are upgraded to various green gases and renewable raw materials.

With the arrival of Niels Wage, a number of decisions were immediately set in motion:

  • Divest and say goodbye to the fossil activities
  • Scaling up production of green gases in Europe and expanding to the US and Asia
  • Continue ongoing financing processes and prepare the company for an IPO

The full focus of Perpetual Next is now on scaling up the production of renewable carbon and green gases, including green hydrogen.


On 19 January, 16 ha of land in the port area of Delfzijl was also reserved for Perpetual Next, which wants to lease the land for more than 100 years. In the first ten years, 300MW of production facilities will be realised for the production of green gases from B wood and other organic residual flows. The production facilities can supply the local (bio)chemical industry, among others. To this end, Perpetual Next will deploy its own torrefaction technology, developed over the past ten years partly with strategic partner Carrier from the US. The project in Delfzijl is separate from a second project that Perpetual Next is preparing with Gasunie and wishes to realise in the same region.

Expansion to the US

Expansion to the US has also begun. The initial production target there has been set at 400,000 tonnes of high-quality bio-carbon a year for a strategic partner who will use the products for the steel industry. This would double the current planned production capacity of bio-carbon in Europe, which is mainly produced for steel giant ArcelorMittal.

Perpetual Next currently employs 100 people and wants to double that number by 2022. This is necessary to be able to develop activities in Asia as well. The company plans an IPO at the end of 2024.

See the website for more information.

Image: Perpetual Next