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The economy in the Provence of Limburg is growing at an above-average rate and the European Commission has called Limburg an innovation leader. According to Twan Beurskens, Deputy of Economics & Knowledge Infrastructure for the Province of Limburg, the Brightlands campuses have played a major role in this qualification.
Editorial office / Netherlands

‘A critical mass is emerging’, says Beurskens. ‘The number of knowledge workers who have joined the initiative since Brightlands was founded in 2011 is now over 2000. Investment by government, knowledge institutes and business has surpassed one billion Euros. Many new companies have set up shop here, both established businesses and startups. I am happy about both, but I’m particularly pleased about the rapid growth of several startups, that are crucial to innovation.’

Beurskens states that Brightlands still has a long way to go to establish the brand: ‘It is essential for us to present ourselves to the world as a single organization where people are working on new materials, agri-food, life sciences and big data.’ Nevertheless, The Hague and Brussels can no longer ignore the fact that Limburg is playing a great role in the knowledge economy of the Netherlands and Europe.

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