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A transition to a biobased/circular economy requires the public sector to have a proactive and facilitating attitude. The same applies, even more so, to the regional government. The Province of Limburg has chosen to play a decisive role and has set the standard high: it has set its sights on a leading position on an international level in more sustainable chemicals and materials.
Editorial office / Maastricht

In 2012, exactly five years ago, a number of parties – the Province of Limburg, Greenport Venlo, Maastricht University and Chemelot, with the support of Industriebank LIOF – signed a declaration of intent. The signing was the kick-off for a ‘competition’ to catapult Limburg into a European top region in the biobased economy.

Two years later, Source B. was introduced during the national network meeting Biobased Economy in Venlo. Source B., a networking organisation, endeavours to bring the individual parties from the business community and the knowledge community together. The focal points are components and residual streams from biomass in the primary sector, and new materials based on green building blocks. The important point is that the entire value chain is involved: from crop to end product.

Read the full interview with Emmo Meijer, figurehead of Source B. and Top Sector Chemistry, among other things, and Twan Beurskens, member of the Provincial Executive for Economy and Knowledge Infrastructure. The two gentlemen look back and to the future on the province’s ‘voyage of discovery’ to the economy of the future.