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The booklet From biowaste to biogas gives a complete and accessible introduction to the digestion of biowaste. It aims to give concise and practical information on how the anaerobic digestion process is done, the technology and science that is behind it, safety measures that are to be taken into account and the results that can be expected.
Editorial office / Brussels

Digesting organic waste and by-products from different sectors such as agriculture and municipalities is essential to protect our environment from soils and water degradation as well as to counter the effects of climate change. Moreover, applying waste digestion at a large scale can bring clear benefits to the economy via the production of sustainable products.

This booklet tables not only the possibilities for waste digestion in Germany and Europe, but its focus is worldwide, as the challenges that we face in waste management and farming are fairly similar across the globe. The end of the booklet contains a set of state of the art Reference Plants operating in four continents, followed by an up-to-date Company Directory with plants digesting different kinds of wastes.

It is a publication of the Fachverband Biogas and was co-authored by the Deutsche Gesellschaf für Internationale Zusammenarbeid (GIZ), the European Biogas Association (EBA) and the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA).

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