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Three companies from Flanders: Scone, Carbon+Alt+Delete and PowerPulse are looking for food companies that want to collaborate on a development project to map the carbon footprint around energy issues in the food sector.
Editorial office / Antwerp

In the so-called SCOTE (Smart CO2-mitigation TEchnology) project , these three parties want to develop a specific digital platform for small and medium-sized food companies. With this platform and a (minimum) input of data, the companies will be able to monitor their greenhouse gas emissions themselves in an objective manner, compare them with benchmarks and determine the impact of efforts in the field of energy savings. This will become increasingly important in the future.

PowerPulse is an independent energy consultancy with expertise in various aspects of the energy market. Carbon+Alt+Delete encourages small and medium-sized enterprises to track and disclose their carbon footprint. Scone is a climate-tech platform that helps consumers and small businesses on their personal journey to a zero footprint. It measures the carbon footprint in the background and provides users with personalised solutions based on a broad dataset of user behaviour and needs.

Guinea pigs

The unique combination of complementary expertises that Scone, Carbon+Alt+Delete and PowerPulse have, offers food companies a special opportunity to act as ‘guinea pigs’ for the platform and thus experimentally devise CO2 reduction strategies based on their competences.

For more information, visit the Flanders’ FOOD website.

Images: Inna Begun/Shutterstock