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The Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) is ready to take the New Industrial Strategy for Europe forward.
Editorial office / Brussels

BIC announced this in a reaction to the Industrial Strategy for a globally competitive, green and digital Europe recently published by the European Commission and emphasised the progress already made by the bio-based industry in realising the Strategy’s objectives.

“The EU’s Industrial Strategy emphasises the importance of not only the physical & digital worlds coming together, but also the biological world, in which the bio-based industries operate,” commented Dirk Carrez, BIC Executive Director. “The circular bio-based society, that is pioneered through the public-private partnership with the EU, helps bridge these traditional divides, creating new industrial ecoystems built on innovative, cross-sectoral value chains. For the bio-based industries, the new Strategy represents a positive step forward in strengthening our sector’s progress in realising these new industrial dynamics.”

Global frontrunner

In its Industry Strategy, the European Commission states that it strives for a globally competitive and world-leading industry, in which transition towards climate neutrality and digital leadership go hand in hand: “All industrial value chains, including energy-intensive sectors, will have a key role to play (…). To become more competitive as it becomes greener and more circular, industry will need a secure supply of clean and affordable energy and raw materials. Stepping up investment in research, innovation, deployment and up-to-date infrastructure will help develop new production processes and create jobs in the process (…) EU institutions, Member States, regions, industry and all other relevant players should work together to create lead markets in clean technologies and ensure our industry is a global frontrunner.”

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