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The European Commission has agreed on CBE, the successor of BBI JU in a legislative proposal adopted today (23 February 2021). The new partnership between the EU and the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC) is expected to build on the success of BBI JU while stepping up its contribution to the EU’s climate targets, in line with the European Green Deal.
Editorial office / Brussels

Bio-based industries are considered to be a key enabler of the green transition towards a resilient and environmentally sustainable EU economy. Sustainability and biodiversity will be placed at the heart of CBE JU.

‘This is a great day for the European bioeconomy,’ said Philippe Mengal, the Executive Director of BBI JU. ‘CBE JU will take the success of BBI JU to the next level. It will continue fostering collaboration between the scientific community and industry, and de-risking investments, while placing the sustainability and biodiversity at the heart of every project’.

According to the proposed regulation, both public and private partners are committed to investing in the joint undertaking up to €2 billion, divided in two equal parts.

The European Parliament and Council will now study the proposal and engage in consultation with the Economic and Social Committee to finalise it. The adoption of the regulation is expected towards the end of the year.

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