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The European Commission has announced a plan to create a single forum representing the entire biofuels sector. The initiative intends to expand and replace the ART-Fuels Forum (AFF) work, which currently counts 100 stakeholders from the low carbon fuels industry.
Editorial office / Brussels

The AFF II forum will cover alternative, renewable liquid and gaseous fuel sectors, as well as other low carbon fuels including lignocellulosic, algae, microbial, power to gas/liquid, solar fuels, fuels from industrial waste gases, fuels from municipal solid waste, plastic waste and refinery waste.

According to the contract notice released by DG Energy, the main goal of the action will be to create a constructive dialogue among stakeholders operating in the sector with the aim to tackle policy issues and market barriers currently hampering the development, the financing and the market penetration of the alternative fuels.

The new Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) confirmed in June, supports the development of alternative and low carbon fuels, but the legislation is considered too vague to accelerate the transition to transport decarbonisation.