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Corona does not stop the student competition BISC-E. On the contrary, the crisis gives students extra time to work on their biobased product or process. TKI-BBE organizes a digital kick-off meeting on Wednesday 15 April at 3:00 PM.
Editorial office / Wageningen

BISC-E is a student competition for WO and HBO students. The assignment is to develop a biobased product or process that can reduce the use of fossil raw materials. Last year, for example, the teams developed sound insulation boards from manure, coatings from cooking oil, Christmas decorations from the previous year’s Christmas trees and kerosene from waste streams. In the competition you do not have to develop a prototype of your idea, but you must be able to demonstrate that it is technically and economically feasible.

Various cash prizes can be won to make the idea concrete. In addition, the winning team will represent the Netherlands in the European final in October.

During the kickoff meeting (this year via video conferencing), participants will receive more information about the competition, they can get acquainted with last year’s examples and ask questions. You can register for the video conference via email to Marleen Scholte. She will send you a login code.

Image: BISC-E