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What is the political framework for chemical recycling? Which chemical recycling technologies are suitable for which waste streams and products? Which developments are the most promising? How sustainable are the different technologies? How does the mass Balance Approach fit into the circular economy of plastics?
Editorial office / Hürth

The nova Institute is organising a digital session about these topics on 10 February 2021, focused on the recent market and trend report “Chemical Recycling – Status, Trends, and Challenges” (free short version).

Speakers will be:

  • Lars Krause, nova-Institut (DE): Overview and classification about available chemical recycling technologies
  • Julia Vogel, Umweltbundesamt (UBA) (DE): Chemical recycling as part of the circular economy?
  • Matti Nieminen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland (FI): Thermochemical recycling technologies and their potential role in a circular economy
  • Shanar Tabrizi, Zero Waste Europe (ZWE) (BE): View on chemical recycling and how to legislate
  • Paulo Da Silva Lemos, European Commission (EU): Circular Economy and the role of Chemical Recycling

In a separate discussion round we would like to discuss the following topics with the participants:

  • How can chemical recycling be embedded in a circular economy?
  • How can the different technologies be evaluated?
  • On which standards, if any, can such assessments be carried out?
  • How does an EU strategy develop from this?

The nova Session offers the unique opportunity to exchange information about current technology developments at the highest level. It will take place online via Zoom. Participants are welcome to submit their specific topics of interest beforehand or put them up for discussion at the session.

See the agenda for more information.

Image: nostal6ie/Shutterstock