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Circular Biobased Delta (CBBD) is organising a network meeting on biorefinery tomorrow (Tuesday 6 July), 16.00h. Free registration for participation is still possible.
Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

Biorefining is the way to get maximum value out of biobased raw materials and thus to close the business case for biobased production. The technology has the potential to make a major contribution to CO2 reduction, as was recently demonstrated in the CBBD’s CO2 roadmap.

Biorefinery is all about cascading the raw material into multiple products with different applications so that nothing goes to waste. It is not only about new conversion technology, but about new products with improved properties and the formation of completely new value chains.

Read the full article on biorefinery on this website for more information.

The network meeting will be held in the Dutch language. Registration is still possible, via the website of CBBD. Participation is free of charge.