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Carlsberg Group and Avantium have signed an agreement to purchase a fixed quantity of PEF (polyethylene furanoate) from Avantium's FDCA Flagship Plant, which Avantium plans to start up in Delfzijl in 2024.
Editorial office / Amsterdam

Carlsberg will start using the biopolymer for various packaging applications, including its Fibre Bottle – the biobased and fully recyclable beer bottle that the beer brand has developed together with Avantium and Paboco® (Paper Bottle Company) since 2019.

Carslberg will also test this packaging with an inner layer of PEF among 8,000 consumers and other selected stakeholders in eight pilot markets in Western Europe. The bottles will be distributed to local consumers, customers and other stakeholders at selected festivals and other events, as well as during targeted product sampling trials. It is a first step in the commercialisation of the Fibre Bottle.

Tom van Aken, CEO of Avantium, said: “It is truly an exciting milestone that – for the first time ever – consumers can now experience a PEF-lined beer bottle. With business partners such as Carlsberg Group, Avantium can further scale up and expand the PEF value chain to meet the growing global demand for circular and renewable material solutions. This is what the materials transition is about: ensuring that consumers can access new and sustainable products at scale.”

Image: Carlsberg