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Carlsberg communicates via social media about his efforts to transform its business into a more sustainable one. This modus also allowd Carlsberg to obtain valuable consumer insights.
Editorial office / Brussels

Simon Boas Hoffmeyer (Carlsberg) spoke during the EFIB15 about Carlsberg’s efforts. The brewing company, selling roughly 37 billion bottles each year, uses the Cradle2Cradle-approach, looking at closing both the biological and the technological cycle. Why? ‘Because we expect unsustainable products to be more expensive in the future. At the moment, environmental costs are not internalised, this will change. So if we want out products to be accessible for the greater public, we have to act. And yes, there’s also such a thing like climate change.’

Carlsberg is working with seven so-called technology partners in various packaging materials in order to make these packaging solutions circular and/or biobased. A telling example is the development of a wood fibre bottle. ‘We have received numerous valuable comments from consumers, for example on Reddit, on this concept. Therefore, we have received valuable comments, for example anxieties regarding the impact on taste, from consumers all over the world.’