PBS 2015 ondertekening

‘Europe not the lost continent’

Europeans sometimes tend to downplay their strengths when compared to other continents. It is no different…

Lucien Joppen


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Sugar cane plantation

TotalCorbion to launch rPLA commercially in 2021

TotalCorbion will bring chemically recycled PLA (rPLA) as part of the Luminy® PLA portfolio to the…

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“Good time for investments in biobased”

“It is the right time to invest in biobased innovation,” says Michael Brandkamp, general partner of…

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Better Nature

Prize winner Better Nature grows 4,500% in one year

"I wasn't aware it was a competition." Christopher Kong of the UK based start-up Better Nature…

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Bioreactor - Fermenter

Modern biotechnology should become faster cheaper and better

Modern biotechnology still has many hurdles to overcome in order to become truly sustainable and competitive.…

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VIB gets permit to continue CRISPR maize field trial

“Avoid political decision making on GMO regulations”

A European label for food products developed with genome editing (such as CRISPR) is undesirable and…

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Biopheromones are going to replace insecticides (except in Europe)

The European objective within the Farm to Fork strategy to use 50% less insecticides in farming…

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