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Biobased nylon made from sugar beet is ideal for applications where transparency is required and there are large fluctuations in temperature, such as in water kettles or lampshades. It can now also be industrially produced.
Editorial office / Maastricht

This is the subject of the dissertation of Ola Wróblewska, with which she obtained her doctorate at the University of Maastricht at the end of November. Wróblewska is the first PhD student at the Aachen-Maastricht Institute for Biobased Materials (AMIBM).

The research came under the ‘Beets to Biopolymers’ project, in which project partners Maastricht University, University of Groningen, SuikerUnie, Philips, and Astron collaborate on the industrial production of polyamides (nylon) from galactaric acid derivatives (GalX). Unique cyclic monomers are obtained by the extraction and chemical modification of sugar beet pulp.

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