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The Delft-based Dutch company Respyre has developed an innovative bioreceptive concrete solution for making facades greener (patent pending). After hardening, the bio-receptive concrete’s surface accommodates the growth of moss.
Editorial office / Delft

Respyre is made out of recycled concrete aggregates and other residual streams. Several unique characteristics make it bio-receptive which include its porosity and water retainment, micropore texture, acidity and nutrients that are included in the mixture. These characteristics create the perfect setting for moss to thrive on. The solution can either be plaster, a prefabricated concrete element or concrete poured on location. Meaning that the product can easily be applied on existing structures but also efficiently incorporated into new projects, making it a cost-effective way of incorporating nature in the urban environment.

Moss is well suited for green facades as it has rhizoids instead of roots. Rhizoids are nondestructive, they mainly function as an adhesive, leaving the facade in perfect condition. Within a month, the moss have covered the surface and starts to provide its benefits. Through evapotranspiration of retained water the moss can cool the structure down. Additionally the green facade protects the structure from the forces of weather, which can contribute to lengthening the life of the structure.

See the Respyre website for more information.

Image: suttirat wiriyanon/Shutterstock