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The Zeeland deputy Jo-Annes de Bat has officially opened CO3 Campus. This is the new name of the Bio Base Europe Training Centre in Terneuzen.
Editorial office / Terneuzen

CO3 is not only a nod to the environmental challenge (CO2 reduction), but primarily stands for the newly positioned functions of “the green building”: co-working, co-creating and co-learning. With these three ‘co’s’, the naming of the centre is more in line with its activities and ambitions at Zeelandlaan in Terneuzen. CO3 thereby expresses ‘working together’ and Campus the ‘meeting place’.

CO3 Campus is situated in the middle of the green chemical cluster and the ports of North Sea Port. As a meeting place for sustainable economy and technology, the centre focuses on organisations, companies and institutions in this region.

Networking, meeting, creating and learning are central in CO3 Campus, especially in relation to the social challenges of energy transition and sustainability. Joint training and education (co-learn) for the green-chemical cluster already took place in abundance, but especially the function of the centre in terms of cooperation between entrepreneurs, government bodies and education was insufficiently expressed.

Various organisations in the field of technology promotion, training and education, sustainability and business development are already housed at the campus. They work together in various fields.

CO3 Connect

Because physical meetings are less frequent due to corona, CO3 Campus has also launched its own online network platform: CO3 Connect. In this platform, supply and demand on topics such as knowledge, people and meetings are connected online. This in turn can lead to physical contact, for example on campus.

With the new and additional functionalities, the interior has also been brought into line by expanding the meeting facilities (up to 20 people at 1.5 metres) and the creation of an industrial and fully circular coffee corner for receiving and meeting people.

CO3 Campus also has modern internet facilities, various teaching and meeting rooms and a unique auditorium (150 seats, weather permitting). CO3 Campus and its partners can also organise and conduct customised business events, whether physical, online or hybrid.

Image: BBETC