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Catalisti members who have an innovation idea or project proposal that could enhance or promote sustainability in the chemical and plastics industries, are invited to present it at the Batlle of the Pitches on Catalisti Day, June 6.
Editorial office / Antwerp

The Battle of the Pitches is a unique opportunity for both companies and knowledge institutions to gain awareness for early-stage ideas or concepts, get valuable feedback and identify potential project partners. It is open exclusively for Catalisti members – from the industry or knowledge centres.

Abstracts can be submitted until monday 13 May by using the application form. Details are not important in this stage, only the overall concept is needed. If your abstract is accepted, prepare a poster, which will be presented in the poster room at Catalisti Day. The jury will select 5 of the accepted abstracts for the Battle of the Pitches.

Selected candidates can present a 2-minute oral pitch to present their proposal, idea or concept in a competitive format. The winner will be chosen through a combination of both a selection committee and a televoting by the audience. The winner will get the stage for 10 minutes to present his or her idea, including slides, to an interested, qualified audience and receive direct feedback during a 5-minute Q&A.