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Seizing opportunities for the circular economy is the idea behind ACCEZ, a new knowledge program of the province of Zuid-Holland in collaboration with industry and universities. In a number of 'transition efforts', including 'Groene Hart Circulair', researchers map opportunities and bottlenecks together with partners from industry and business. To Wim Lexmond of green recycler Wagro, this is of great importance. "If we really want to innovate and create a circular economy, something really has to change."
Harm Ikink

How do we ensure that we can use waste in the province as raw material? Who are the regional network partners if you want to realize completely circular construction? And what does that mean for your business model? These are the questions that ACCEZ will answer. The province is investing € 5 million in the program ‘Accelerating Circular Economy South Holland’. “It will remove barriers and provide knowledge about the circular economy,” says ACCEZ director Judith Schueler. “Together with academics and companies working on the circular economy, we will develop knowledge that we assess directly in daily practice. We identify opportunities and bottlenecks that we can then tackle – for example for innovative policy. The circular economy is knowledge-intensive and requires long-term, programmatic cooperation between governments, industry and knowledge institutions. We thus want to achieve a lasting change in the way we deal with raw materials, energy and products. ”

From waste to product

In ACCEZ, the focus is…