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To show the good and relevant results that European subsidies can yield, nine members of the European parliament presented a selection of high-profile projects in Brussel. Among these was the BIO-HArT bio-aromatics project, selected by Dutch EU representative Lambert van Nistelrooij. TNO's senior business developer Monique Wekking took the opportunity to draw attention to the challenges of biobased chemical innovation.
Harm Ikink

On the initiative of Lambert van Nistelrooij (EPP/CDA), the nine MEPs put a great number of European projects in the spotlight with their ‘Let the Stars Shine’ project. Each selected a number of ‘showcase projects’ from their own country. In the third week of June, this led to a special exhibition in the European parliament in Brussels, showing how Europe matters in everyday life. Van Nistelrooij: “Many people have seen these EU roadside signs which say ‘this bridge is co-financed by the European Union’ or stuff like that. But in many research projects, including those in bio-based materials, the relevance of EU support is not on display. We want to change that, so we selected people that have ample experience with Europe and have realized a project with EU support. These are the stars we give the opportunity to shine!” As advocate of the biobased economy, Van Nistelrooij included BIO-HArT…