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The Circular Bioeconomy clusters CBBD (Netherlands), CLIB (Germany) IAR (France) and BioVale (UK) are bringing their members together to help them work together across borders to develop Horizon Europe funding applications.

This event provides the opportunity to:

  • Understand more about Horizon Europe topics relevant to the circular bioeconomy;
  • Get in touch with new partners in the circular bioeconomy across Europe who are interested in collaborative research and innovation;
  • Participate in consortia that are forming around specific Horizon Europe topics.

Participation in the webinar is free of charge.

Image: Mopic/Shutterstock

16:00 Welcome and introduction to 3Bi Intercluster (Elspeth Bartlet, BioVale UK)
16:10 Introduction Horizon EU (Christophe Luguel, IAR France)
16:20 Introduction Cluster 6 (Christophe Luguel, IAR France)
16:30 CIRCBIO-01-03 - Innovative solutions to over-packaging and single-use plastics, and related microplastic pollution (Marcel Van Berkel, Circular Biobased Delta Netherlands)
16:35 CIRCBIO-01-04 - Increasing the circularity in textiles, plastics and/or electronics value chains (Tatjana Schwabe-Markovic, CLIB Germany)
16:40 CIRCBIO-01-05 - Novel, non-plant biomass feedstocks for industrial applications (Christophe Luguel, IAR France)
16:50 Q&A Discussion (Elspeth Bartlet, BioVale UK)
17:00 Conclusion (Tatjana Schwabe-Markovic, CLIB Germany)
17:05 Networking on Wonder Platform (Tatjana Schwabe-Markovic, CLIB Germany)
17:30 End of the event