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The 3D Medical Conference and Expo 2019 will be held in Maastricht on 30 and 31 January.

This two day conference will feature 30 speakers in total and dedicated sessions to 3D dental printing, 3D bioprinting, 3D medtech printing, 3D pharmaceutical printing, Value-Based Health Care by implementing 3D technologies in regular hospital practices & Use of Surgical guides, using 3D Printing / Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality.

3D Printing will enable innovation in medicine just like the Gutenberg press opened up access to information says Prasad Shastri, Professor and Director of the Institute for Macromolecular Chemistry, University of Freiburg. During the 3D Medical Conference he will talk about a new family of bioinks that will certainly drive 3D bioprinting from the lab to the clinic.

Some of the other highlights of the conference are:

  • MERLN Institute for Technology-Inspired Regenerative Medicine Lab Tour (only for conference attendees, limited seats, extra registration required);
  • M3dRES – Additive Manufacturing for Medical Research and Education – Presented by Ewald Unger, Medical University Vienna, Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering;
  • Surgical guides for dentistry: osteotomy and implants sites preparation using open software and freeware for virtual planning and guides project and production – Presented by Sandro Montecchiani, owner of a private dental practice;
  • Qualification of Materials for medical applications – Presented by Jasper van Dieten-Blom, DSM Additive Manufacturing;
  • Bioprinting of tissues and organs – Presented by Carlos Mota, Maastricht University;
  • On Demand manufacturing of oral dosage forms: A focus on multi-material and FDM 3D printing – Presented by Mohamed Alhnan, King’s College London;
  • Microgel Technology to Advance Modular Tissue Engineering – Presented by Tom Kamperman, IamFluidics;
  • GreyMapp – Augmented Reality app for training purposes – Presented by Guido de Jong, Radboudumc – Department of Neurosurgery.

See the conference website for more information about the program and registration options.