Unloading wood pellets

“If one link does not function, the chain falls apart”

As the use of bio-based raw materials for chemicals, materials and energy increases, it becomes increasingly…

Pierre Gielen

“Data is our new beacon”

“Data is our new beacon”

In today's world, customization, transparency and efficiency are of crucial importance for keeping industries competitive and…

Pierre Gielen


Circular Economy Concept

‘Dare to be circular’

The global disruptions in supply chains over the last two years have challenged organizations both in…

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Wood pellets on the wharf

Guarantees needed for sustainable origin of biomass

Biomass is the only raw material that is subject to legal sustainability conditions. That is why…

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Wind Challenger

Sail on cargo ship reduces emissions in biomass supply chain

Renewable energy company Enviva and marine transport group Mitsui O.S.K. Lines (MOL) have signed an agreement…

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Bio-based solutions for a reliable supply chain for medicines

Bio-based solutions for a reliable supply chain for medicines

Synthetic biology and fermentation offer a promising bio-based alternative to traditional manufacturing of medicines, says Christina…

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