Green Chemistry vector

Green chemistry from biomass

Discussions about the sustainability of woody biomass, which have been taking place in the Netherlands for…

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Unloading wood pellets

“If one link does not function, the chain falls apart”

As the use of bio-based raw materials for chemicals, materials and energy increases, it becomes increasingly…

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Green investments

Investing in the Circular Biobased Economy

Many of the current successful projects in the biobased economy were once started by students. Think…

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‘Energy crisis should not come at the expense of forests’

Europe's energy crisis should not come at the expense of forests, warns the World Wildlife Fund…

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Forest in Europe

Platform Bio-Economy expands broad circular bioeconomy strategy

Platform Bio-Economy is expanding its strategic ambition to become the leading collaborative platform for the development…

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Chemical industry

Growing interest of chemical industry in bio-based feedstocks

With the increasing attention for green chemistry, chemical sectors will sooner or later have to deal…

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Biomass: permanent part of the Dutch energy mix in 2050? 3

Use of biomass for energy increased, most certified sustainable

In 2020, about 48% more biomass was used for energy in The Netherlands than in the…

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Wood pellets on the wharf

Guarantees needed for sustainable origin of biomass

Biomass is the only raw material that is subject to legal sustainability conditions. That is why…

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