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BIC launches joint Vision for a European circular bio-society

‘In the circular bio-society, informed citizens choose more sustainable means to live and acknowledge and benefit…

Pierre Gielen

BIC presents overview of financial instruments 1

BIC presents overview of financial instruments

The Bio-Based Industries Consortium recently published a comprehensive overview of financial instruments, a practical guide for…

Lucien Joppen

Connection with added value

Connection with added value

‘Our aim with BioLinX is to guide the businesses and organisations that want to put biobased…

Lucien Joppen

Seeking ties across the border: condition for transition to a biobased economy

Seeking ties across the border: condition for transition to a biobased economy

Cooperation in a powerful network is crucial to ensure the efficient growth of biobased R&D and…

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Philippe Mengal

“We need 100 Flagships in the next period”

About 800 experts from the biobased economy across Europe visited the second edition of the BBI…

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Webinar: developing a pyrolysis based biorefinery

Greenovate! Europe is organising a webinar on 14 November about fast pyrolysis, a promising technology for…

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BBI JU celebrates 100th project

The Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) grant agreements for 18 new projects under the 2018…

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Recticel roof insulation

Making a circular product from thermoset PU

The new European PUReSmart project will explore new methods, technologies and approaches to transform thermoset PU…

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Pilotplant equipment

Pilots4U database now online

The Pilots4U database has gone online at the and last week. It contains a Europe-wide map…

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Braskem plant I'm Green

Braskem joins Bio-based Industries Consortium

The Brazilian chemical company Braskem announces today (November 6) that it has become a full member…

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SusChem Brokerage Event 2018

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