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Marcel Wubbolts, CTO of DSM, regards the green cycle - the biobased loop in Cradle2Cradle - as important as the blue cycle..'I have the idea that the focus in Europe is too much on the blue cycle.'
Editorial office / Waalwijk

Wubbolts stated that societies and/or companies that aim to be carbon-negative have to ‘travel’ the green route too.

In order to do so, companies have to work together, even multinationals like DSM. The life sciences company for example works together with bio-ethanol producer POET in producing bio-ethanol from corn byproducts, such as husks. In Italy, DSM produces with Roquette, under the joint-venture Reverdia, bio-succinic acid.

‘It is about setting up new value chains with uncommon ‘bedfellows”, Wubbolts said. ‘Because of that we need to create a common language. In general communication skills are needed in order to make these joint-ventures work.’