Meeting of PyroCHEM and Chemical Recycling Network in Moerdijk

Conclusive solution needed for chemically recycled raw materials

Entrepreneurs who want to scale up pyrolysis technology for chemical recycling of plastic waste streams run…

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Man with suitcase full of euro notes

Half of ‘green’ investment funds invest billions in fossil

Almost half of all mutual funds that present themselves as most sustainable still invest in fossil…

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Pipelines chemical industry

Dutch chemical industry under pressure

Dutch chemical production will fall by about 4% in 2022 as the sector suffers from high…

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'PEF/FDCA flagship plant Avantium operational in 2023'

Converting water to green hydrogen in a 20MW plant

AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals and Gasunie New Energy are looking to convert water into green hydrogen using…

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Green-Chem launched in Ghent

Green-Chem launched in Ghent

At the beginning of this month Ghent University launched the GREEN-CHEM network. The network is founded because…

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Wubbolts: 'Also focus on green cycle'

Wubbolts: ‘Also focus on green cycle’

Marcel Wubbolts, CTO of DSM, regards the green cycle - the biobased loop in Cradle2Cradle -…

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