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With composites gaining larger market share for instance in planes, cars, etc., natural fibers are found in more and more applications as well. Together with the Natural Fibre ApplicationCenter (NAC), REWIN organizes a workshop about bio-composites and other applications of natural fibers on 5 April 2017. The workshop focuses specially on SMEs.
Editorial office / Breda

Natural fibers and bio-composites applications will be the overall theme. Within this theme, we will address sectors like packaging, building, gardening and more. The workshop aims to provide a podium where SMEs can interact on hurdles in the biobased sector. We hope that this will result in a clear message that we can send to legislators. We also invite SMEs to present their own innovations on the technology market.

View our agenda for the full programm and announced speakers. Also watch the video on top of this page for more information about BioBase4SMEs.