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The Australian company CCT Energy Storage has developed a thermal battery that can supply both electricity and heat to households.
Editorial office / Australia

The first commercial Thermal Energy Device (TED) will soon be installed in a base station for mobile telephony in Adelaide, South Australia. In addition, the company has reached an in-principle agreement with the British construction and energy company Eco Build & Renewables Ltd to supply a thermal battery at a 12-home housing estate it is building in West Midlands (UK).

CCT claims TED to be the world’s first working thermal battery using silicon as a Phase Change Material (PCM). The concept is relatively simple: TED can accept any form of electrical input and convert and store it as heat. It can be charged from renewable energy or from the grid when electricity prices are low. Charging and decharging can take place simultaneously.

The stored heat can be readily turned back into electrical energy on demand, but can also be used to provide hot water to homes. CCT CEO Serge Bondarenko said: “With our standard device with only two minor adapters we can get consistent 78C water with no additional cost other than plumbing.”