Amer Solar Farm

Floating solar farm on Amer power plant put into operation

Energy company RWE has put its first floating solar farm into operation. The farm has a…

Editorial office / Geertruidenberg

Electric vehicle

‘Used EV batteries goldmine for the Flemish economy’

Used electric car batteries are a potential goldmine for the Flemish economy. This is the conclusion…

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Auctions hinder growth of renewable energy

China leads in renewable energy capacity at 895 GW

The world’s total installed renewable energy amounted to almost 2,800 Gigawatts in 2020. According to data…

Editorial office / Beijing

Thermal battery

Thermal battery delivers electricity and hot water

The Australian company CCT Energy Storage has developed a thermal battery that can supply both electricity…

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Broken windmill

Renewable energy capacity growth stalled in 2018

After nearly two decades of strong annual growth, the growth of renewables around the world flattened…

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Aerial photo of Shell Pernis, The Netherlands

Shell wants to double green energy investments

Shell has expressed the ambition to double the amount it spends on green energy to $…

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