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A new future is emerging for 'green' asphalt: roads in which fossil oil and chemicals have been replaced by vegetable and circular raw materials.
Editorial office / Groningen

The greening of road construction is unstoppable. For instance, fossil bitumen in asphalt is being replaced by bio-based lignin, circular cellulose makes the asphalt mixture more homogeneous, linseed oil from flax combined with agricultural residual flows improves the properties of asphalt and it can be processed at lower temperatures.

To top it all off, companies from Groningen are working with the Hanze University on an asphalt road that ‘eats’ CO2 from the atmosphere. All these developments are (partly) possible thanks to innovations from the Northern Netherlands: the Chemport Europe area that is putting green chemistry to work.

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Image: Ronny Benjamins/Avantium