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The portfolio of the Dutch green venture capitalist SHIFT Invest has had a growing impact on the climate in 2020. The companies supported by SHIFT saved tonnes of CO2. This is shown in an impact report recently published by the fund.
Editorial office / Amstelveen

SHIFT invests in innovative start-ups with the mission to combat climate change, the loss of biodiversity and the depletion of planetary resources. Partners in this fund include the European Investment Fund (EIF), Invest-NL, Rabobank, Corbion, Wageningen University & Research, the technical universities of Delft, Twente and Eindhoven, TNO, Topfonds Gelderland, Menzis, BOM and the WNF.

Contribution to sustainability

SHIFT Invest has helped dozens of entrepreneurs in the circular bio-economy with green investments that enable upscaling and commercialisation. One example is Foamplant (Groningen), which develops biodegradable technical foams for every application, of which horticulture is the first. The company makes an important contribution to sustainability in this sector. In 2020, Foamplant won several orders from the vertical agriculture industry.

Or Chaincraft (Amsterdam), which converts organic residues into biobased chemical building blocks. In 2020, Chaincraft started production in its semi-commercial demonstration plant in the port of Amsterdam.

Meatless (Goes) produces high-quality, fat-free vegetable fibres made from lupin, wheat or rice, free from artificial binders or colourings. Meatless’ ingredients improve the texture and juiciness in vegetarian and vegan meat substitutes and encourage reduced meat consumption.

These and many more companies are making a difference, by reducing waste, saving water or reducing CO2 emissions.

The Impact report can be accessed online at SHIFT Invest’s website.

Image: ITTIGallery/Shutterstock