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Pension fund ABP could have earned almost €26 billion extra if it had invested in sustainable, instead of fossil, companies since 2016. This is the conclusion of a study by Global SWF, commissioned by the citizens' movement Fossielvrij NL.
Editorial office / Heerlen

With invested assets of over €600 billion, ABP is the largest pension fund in the Netherlands. In recent years, it has focused more on green investments, but still retains a sizeable fossil portfolio. According to the researchers, holding an entirely green portfolio over the last five years would have given a better return. It would have been €25.9 billion wealthier.

“The most important message is that there is no reason for ABP not to get out of fossil fuels and invest more in sustainable companies,” the researchers conclude. ABP announced last year that it wants to slowly phase out investments in fossil fuels and aims for a climate-neutral investment portfolio by 2050. Fossil Free NL will be protesting on 25 June at the ABP offices in Amsterdam and Heerlen.

Image: Kanyapak Lim/Shutterstock