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The nova Institute is looking for 100 experts from the chemical and plastics industry, as well as politicians and scientists, to personally support a new global campaign on renewable carbon. The campain will be launched in May.
Editorial office / Hürth

nova Institute launches global renewable carbon campaignIn August 2018, the renowned nova Institute published the paper ‘Renewable Carbon is Key to a Sustainable and Future-Oriented Chemical Industry.’ It advocates the use of renewable carbon (including CO2) as the solution for a sustainable raw materials supply chain and achieving climate targets. The concept was endorsed by experts from industry, politics and scientists, was well received and presented at various conferences, workshops and trade fairs.

Now is the time for a follow-up: a global campaign on renewable carbon as the key to a sustainable and future-fit chemical and plastics industry. Financial support is also sought for this. The institute is also conducting a survey on the use of renewable carbon among the top 50 chemical companies in Europe.

Only limited background information is currently available on the campaign website. At the start of the campaign, the page will be refreshed and will be animated with videos, cartoons and the announcement of specific events. Anyone who is interested in participating and/or has ideas for the campaign can contact Michael Carus, director of the nova Institute by e-mail (see the link below).

Image: ohenze/Shutterstock, nova Institute