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The textile and carpet sector wants to become more sustainable in the coming years through increased energy efficiency in production and the use of renewable raw materials. Biobased yarns can play a key role in this. Research at the BioTex Fieldlab is investigating the potential of new biopolymers such as PEF and PLA.
Editorial office / Netherlands

The sector association Modint, the AMIBM and Chill (Chemelot Innovation and Learning Labs) have joined forces in the BioTex Fieldlab (BTF) with eight players in the above sector and suppliers of the polymers concerned.

‘It is an open innovation centre,’ according to Gunnar Seide, project leader at the BTF. ‘What we want to do is develop fibres and yarns based on PEF and PLA that can be used in specific applications. In the long term we can also include other biopolymers such as bioPET, bioPA, PT, PBS and PHA. In the short term we will stick to PEF and PLA, also in view of the involvement of Avantium and Corbion in the BTF.’