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The ‘state’ of the soil is an absolute prerequisite for a flourishing bio economy. Unfortunately it is deteriorating rapidly in certain areas of the Netherlands, according to Patrick Lemmens. ‘New crops can restore the soil quality to appropriate levels. This is what the rural innovation association Vereniging Innovatief Platteland and two agricultural contracting firms want to investigate.’
Editorial office / Netherlands

Soil quality is determined by a combination of chemical, physical and biological factors. Lemmens: ‘It is an extremely complex process that still requires fundamental research to shed light on the interdependence. Whatever the case, the soil quality in some regions leaves much to be desired, for example the lack of certain nutrients. This can be attributed partly to monocultures: specific crops which are sown and harvested year after year. The emphasis is on achieving a maximum harvest in a relatively short period of time. This is only encouraged by the high ground mobility: land is leased out faster, which can result in a lack of long-term vision in the primary sector.’

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