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GIDARA Energy kondigt de samenwerking aan tussen haar onlangs aangekondigde Advanced Methanol Amsterdam (“AMA”) fabriek en belangrijke spelers in de circulaire waardeketen van niet-recyclebaar afval tot geavanceerde methanol: PARO, BP en Linde.
Editorial office / Nootdorp

With this cooperation, the parties are taking an important step in reducing their CO2 emissions and contributing to the circular economy.

The goal of the AMA biofuel plant is to contribute to better, more sustainable fuels and a circular economy. The integration of the entire product value chain is therefore essential for the success of the plant and for meeting the targets for CO 2 emission reduction, as defined in the European Renewable Energy Directive (RED II).

Together with the AMA plant, the Amsterdam waste disposal company PARO will pelletise the local non-recyclable waste used as raw material in the plant. The pellets (PFM) will be converted into advanced synthesis gas and then into advanced methanol using GIDARA Energy’s patented HTW® technology. For the purchase of this advanced methanol, AMA cooperates with BP.

The CO2 from the production process is collected and cleaned together with Linde and delivered to the greenhouse by OCAP (a subsidiary of Linde Gas). In addition, GIDARA Energy, AMA and Linde work together to make oxygen available that AMA uses in the conversion process.