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In The Netherlands, TNO and Hortivation signed a five-year framework agreement on 23 February 2023, at the World Horti Centre, to achieve 'adaptive & autonomous growing systems' for the horticultural sector. This involves a total R&D investment of €17 million.
Editorial office / Naaldwijk

The Netherlands is a global leader in horticultural technology. To maintain and expand that position, it is necessary to digitise both greenhouse construction and operation. By focusing as a sector on a joint data infrastructure, cooperation between chain parties is simplified and new products and services can be developed. Central to this are things like the common language (Common Greenhouse Ontology CGO), the Hortivation Hub for safe and easy exchange of CGO data and the electronic greenhouse file (Greenhouse Information System KIS).

TNO and the 60 Hortivation member companies have been working together for years. With this extra impetus, it will be possible to exploit the opportunities offered by data science and AI, thereby increasing the earning power of the sector.

For more information, visit TNO’s website.

Image: FeelGoodLuck/Shutterstock