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In Belgium, the Flemish Government has made €15.88 million available for projects that implement and scale up climate solutions in developing countries. However, the deadline is rapidly approaching: concept project proposals must be submitted by Friday 26 August at 13:00. They can then be further refined.
Editorial office / Brussels

The G-STIC Climate Action Programme subsidises various projects of Flemish organisations for supporting climate adaptation and/or mitigation measures in developing countries. These projects must be focused on areas where climate-related solutions are expected to have maximum impact, in the sectors Energy, Water & Sanitation, Environmental Policy, Biodiversity, Education & Research, Agriculture and Transport.

After the submission of project proposals, there are still 14 days to work out the details (deadline: 9 September 2022). An independent jury coordinated by the Flemish Department of Environment & Spatial Development will then assess them. The approved projects will be announced at the end of December 2022 and can start in January 2023.

For the conditions and details on how to apply, visit the G-STIC website.

Image: Iamkao99/Shutterstock