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Six out of ten European companies find that the corona pandemic has made it harder to justify spending on carbon-neutral energy technology. About half (47%) find it difficult to invest in low-carbon technology, even if it brings long-term savings.
Editorial office / Antwerp

Still, two in five companies (42%) claim that a sustainable business model remains a top priority. This is reported in the report Why wait to pursue net zero by Centrica Business Solutions.

Half of the companies surveyed (50%) say they will focus mainly on solid financial performance and profitability during the recovery period after COVID-19; slightly more (51%) think they can save costs by implementing energy management systems and strategies.

The survey indicates that companies showing leadership in sustainability are outpacing this short-term thinking, as they realise that pursuing short-term profits will cost them and the planet more in the long run: 79% of executives say they put long-term profits before short-term, risk-free strategies.

The full report is available to download on Centrica’s website

Image: Nico Garstman Photography/Shutterstock