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European companies active in the biobased economy are scaling back their investments in innovation. This is the case for at least half of the members of the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC), states Dirk Carrez, director of BIC, in a new blog post on Agro&Chemistry.
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These companies are reviewing their investment and innovation budgets for the next 12 months, or have already lowered their budgets. According to Dirk Carrez, this is related to difficult choices in terms of investments due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, soaring inflation across Europe, and the geopolitical situation caused by the war in Ukraine. He stresses that it is more necessary than ever to continue investing in the bioeconomy.

Record heat waves and the focus on climate change lead to a renewed urgency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The bioeconomy plays a major role in achieving the goals of the EU Green Deal, and CBE JU, BIC’s €2 billion public-private partnership with the European Union, demonstrates the importance of continued investment in the biobased industries. BIC’s new Investment Portal shows that BIC members who are investing heavily in the biobased industries are also experiencing successes in doing so.

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