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'Research which hasn't been communicated or not properly communicated, has not been completed'. Dame Anne Glover (University of Edinburgh) stressed the importance of 'getting your point across' at the EFIB 2016 in Glasgow.
Editorial office / Glasgow

Mrs. Glover mentioned the excellence within Europe in the field in engineering, technology and science in general and industrial biotech in particular. However, translating (fundamental) insights into viable products and/or services is not a strong point of our continent, Glover said. This is unfortunate, both from an economical and an ecological standpoint.
Communication is key to a transformation in which European science increasingly will lead to concepts with a societal and economic impact. Stakeholders from outside the ‘sector’, for example polyc makers and NGO’s, need to be aware of the benefits of new technologies in order to foster their development. It is possible, Glover said, to achieve consensus on a global scale – see climate change – to get the ball rolling, be it slowly.