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On February 9th, the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences together with Blue City and other partners in the circular economy, will share the insights acquired during the past year.
Editorial office / Rotterdam

Students of different faculties will show what they have done, including the students of the minor Circular Economy and Business Innovation, the Institute of the Built Environment, Willem de Koning Academy, Industrial Product Design, and many others.

The programme is varied and offers workshops (led by students and Blue City) on a variety of topics. The keynotes of Koen Dittrich (The sharing economy is not sustainable), Kees Klomp (Degrowth is the future), Marcel den Hollander (All products should be biodegradable), and Maaike Lycklama à Nijeholt (Banks are not equipped to fund circular business models) debate the solutions and the challenges. Visitors are invited to engage in a debate with the speakers in the round table sessions.

In a panel discussion Zakia Guernina (RUAS member of the board), Arno Bonte (councilor sustainability and energy transition of the municipality of Rotterdam), Sabine Biesheuvel (Chair of the Rotterdam Climate Alliance) evaluate Circular Rotterdam.

The event will be concluded with an Impact Café, hosted by Nienke Binnendijk (Blue City), about changing our food habits. The winners of the Circular Harvest Awards will also be announced.

The event is held online. It is free and open to everyone interested in the circular economy.