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The three Belgian regions of Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia aim to cooperate more in joint innovation projects for green chemistry and plastics. Companies that want to collaborate in interregional projects can now submit their proposals.
Editorial office / Edegem

At the end of September, Catalisti, the Flemish spearhead cluster for chemistry and plastics, Greenwin, the Walloon innovation cluster for sustainable technologies and the three regional authorities signed a unique Memorandum of Understanding. As part of this agreement, the three regions are now launching a call for joint innovation projects between at least two companies from two different regions. This call relates to various financing programs for innovation projects for companies financed by VLAIO, Innoviris and DG06.

There are three types of projects possible:

  1. Cooperation between individual companies in at least two of the three regions;
  2. Cooperation between a regional cluster project of Catalisti with, as additional partner (s), one or more individual companies from another region;
  3. Cooperation between a regional cluster project of Greenwin with, as an additional partner, one or more individual companies from another region.

All three types of projects are supported by Catalisti and Greenwin. Deadlines for submission are 28 January 2019 (call 1) and 29 April 2019 (call 2). The location of the coordinator, the type of partnership and the degree of funding determine, among other things, the type of program to be requested. Contact your clusters to help you determine the best type of financing.

The official guidelines and application templates can be found on the VLAIO website.