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Consumer interest in sustainability is causing brands to pay attention to the bioeconomy.. That is one of the main conclusions from a wolrdwide survey by bio-economy communication and PR consultancy Sustainability Consultancy.
Editorial office / Bruxelles

The online survey was sent to 6,230 participants, including 637 brands and 5,593 contacts from Sustainability Consult’s network of bioeconomy and sustainability experts. They received responses from 55 individuals working at 42 different brands. People responding are working for brands like Adidas, Lego, Ford and Nestlé.

Due to the increasing interest of consumers in environmentally-friendly products and packaging, companies need to invest in biobased materials. About 27% of the brands surveyed, said bio-based content is one of the selection criteria used when choosing a supplier based on sustainability performance.

Still there are some barriers. Among the brands, 87% indicated cost as the biggest barrier to widespread uptake of bio-based materials. Performance (42%) and security of supply (37%) were identified as the next biggest barriers.

However brands are knowledgeable about bio-based materials. 59% said they felt informed about bio-based materials. To evaluate whether to adopt bio-based materials, 63% said they need more information from suppliers on pricing, 61% on availability and 57% on performance.

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