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The second CBE JU Call has closed with 162 applications submitted. A total of more than €982 million was requested, which is almost 5 times the available budget of €215.5 million.
Editorial office / Brussels

In almost all topics, proposals exceeded the available budget. Standing out were Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) 3 and 4. RIA 4, Development of novel, high-performance bio-based polymers and co-polymers, exceeded the requested amount by as much as 16.6 times (€10 million available, 166 million requested in 35 proposals). And for RIA 3 (Robust and optimised industrial biotech and chemical/industrial biotech processes), the overrun was 14.4 times the available budget of €10 million, with €144 million applied for in 29 proposals.

“The significant number of applications for this call confirms the strong interest of the biobased sector and the relevance of the public-private partnership model for advancing Europe’s biobased economy,” said CBE JU executive director Nicoló Giacomuzzi-Moore.

The CBE JU programme office will check the submitted proposals in October and December with the help of external experts. Applicants will receive a decision in mid-February 2024. It is expected that CBE JU will be able to sign the approved grant agreements by the end of May 2024.

For more information, see the CBE JU website

Image: Werner Lerooy/Shutterstock