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ABN AMRO launches the Sustainable Impact Fund (SIF), a fund that will invest in companies that accelerate the transition to a sustainable and inclusive society. The bank announced this in a press release today.
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The fund focuses on three themes: circular economy, energy transition and social impact. The investments are both ‘private equity investments’ of between €4 and 30 million in companies with a proven business model ready for the next phase of growth, and ‘venture capital investments’ of between €500,000 and €4 million for start-ups with a proven concept. Rutger van Nouhuijs, member of ABN AMRO’s Executive Committee, said: “What matters is that we provide a good capital base for promising companies that contribute to accelerating the transition to a sustainable society.”

The first two venture capital investments were made last month, in Dutch companies Envision and Foodlogica. Envision develops software for ‘smartglasses’, for people with a visual impairment. Foodlogica solves the challenge of ‘last-mile’ transport of refrigerated food in densely populated cities, with a sustainable zero greenhouse gas emissions fleet. Also recently, a private equity investment was made in the Danish company Fiberline Composites A/S, which developed a specific technology to make larger wind blades for wind turbines. This investment was made from the Energy Transition Fund, which is now part of ABN AMRO SIF.

More information on the fund’s investments and operations can be found on the ABN AMRO website.

Image: petrmalinak/Shutterstock