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The European Circular Bioeconomy Fund (ECBF), originally set at €250 million, has raised a total of around €300 million to finance growth companies in the bioeconomy and circular biobased economy. With this amount, the EU-backed fund far exceeds expectations.
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In total, the group of investors now has 25 shareholders from seven different countries. They ensure that founders of companies active in the European biobased economy have the necessary growth capital to scale up their solutions internationally.

In the course of the two previous signings, Landwirtschaftliche Rentenbank, Allianz France, Invest NL, GC, Firmenich, Stellar Impact (managed by Telos Impact), Dr. Hans-Riegel Holding and Bellevue Investments, among others, joined the group of shareholders. The previous rounds already included companies such as Neste, Nestlé, BÜFA, NRW.BANK, Volkswohl Bund, Corbion, Dr. Hettich Beteiligungen,Koehler Group as well as the Wortmann Family Office and three other investors.

New transformation wave

According to ECBF experts, after digitalisation, the biorevolution will be the next global transformation wave. It means a change from a linear, fossil fuel-based economy to a sustainable circular bio-economy.

“Many European companies have enormous potential to ride the wave of the Bio Revolution,” says Michael Brandkamp, co-founder and Managing Partner of ECBF. “We will do our utmost to support them. This is the only way we can significantly support a sustainable economy -and thus a secure future for all.”

For more information, visit the ECBF website.

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