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The 8 spearheads of Circular Biobased Delta will help to focus the efforts to save ten Mtonnes of CO2 by 2030 in the Dutch Delta Region and achieve 50% circularity.
Editorial office / Bergen op Zoom

More than 100 projects will contribute to this, of which the 50 most promising have been selected.

The spearheads are:

  1. CHAPLIN: bio-asphalt based on lignin, a natural vegetable adhesive that replaces fossil bitumen.
  2. Biogate: focused on the conversion of sustainable ethanol into ethylene oxide (bio-EO), which is used in the PU market, surfactants, detergents, antifreeze and PET.
  3. Bioplastics & biomaterials: aimed at accelerating the market implementation and circular application of, for example, adhesives, surfactants, coatings, composites, sealants and textiles.
  4. Biorefinery: program for the realization of biorefineries in the region, including for the production of biofuels, chemicals and lignin for local asphalt plants.
  5. Biorizon: the development of bio-aromatics that add essential functionality and provide a sustainable alternative to petrochemical products that are difficult to recycle, such as paint, adhesives and lubricants.
  6. Pyrolysis & gasification: promising technologies for the processing of plastic waste, biomass and mixed flows, such as household waste, into energy (carrier) and chemicals.
  7. Sugar Delta: strengthen the region economically by attracting new industries that use sugar as a raw material.
  8. Waste-2-Value: bundling of a number of initiatives to convert waste and biomass flows into raw materials for industry.

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