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On 6 and 7 September FibreNet organises the online seminar Future trends in bio-based fibres. Participation is free of charge.

FibreNet is an innovative EU-funded project that trains PhDs. It is a coalition of 7 European universities and 8 industrial organizations operating in the field of fibres. The common goal is finding comprehensive solutions to improve and tailor the properties of fibre products. This would enable new environmentally friendly products and products with totally new functionalities. The focus is on bio-based fibres, either natural or man-made in origin. Method development covers functionalization, characterization, modelling&simulation, fabrication and life cycle assessment of fibres and fibre-based products.

There will be 5 keynote talks from the top specialists of the field:

  • Dr. Vincent Placet (FEMTO-ST Institute, France): Durability of bio-based composites: recent advances and remaining challenges
  • Prof. Markus Biesalski (Technical University Darmstadt, Germany): Paper-water interactions: understanding and controlling wetting, transport and mechanical properties in functional paper sheets
  • Prof. Orlando Rojas (The University of British Columbia, Canada): Future prospects of nanochitin, a close relative of cellulosic nanomaterial
  • Prof. Lars Berglund (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden): Plant fibers, nanocellulose and inorganic hybrids – opportunities for new, eco-friendly fiber materials
  • Prof. Ali Khademhosseini (Terasaki Institute, CA, US): Engineering for personalized medicine

In addition, all the 15 FibreNet projects will showcase their research and results.

For more information, the full programma and registration options, see the FibreNet website.

Image: fotohunter/Shutterstock